DMD Real Estate Photography Blog Post: The Problem with DIY Real Estate Photography
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You know that having good pictures for your listings is hugely important in getting them to sell. But do you really need to pay for a professional real estate photographer?

After all, you’ve got a smartphone that takes really good pictures. Maybe you even took a photography course or two in high school or college.

Isn’t it smarter to save a few bucks and just do it yourself?

As professional real estate photographers who have captured images of thousands of homes across Alaska since 2009, we at DMD have encountered this line of thinking countless times. And we get it.

After all, everyone takes pictures, right? You know the basics. And you’ve even gotten some good shots, if you do say yourself. Why not just cut out the middleman?

Obviously, the ultimate decision is up to you. But we wanted to give you a little taste of problems that clients have told us about when they decided to go this route.

Let’s dive in.

Non-professional photographers are more likely to make technical mistakes.

This is obvious, right? It’s something that’s true in just about every profession and industry. So why should it be any different for photography?

Yes, everyone knows how to take a picture. But are you trained in the art of lighting, framing, and other techniques that help them show off the potential of a home?

Chances are, the answer is no.

But our real estate photographers at DMD are. And they’ll make sure you get the best possible image every single time. Which brings us to…

It’s Not Just Quality, but Consistency

Anyone can take a good photo or two. But that’s not what you need from your home listing gallery.

You need a complete set of flawless images that feel like they’re telling a house’s story. In other words, you need them to be consistently good.

No shots where you accidentally caught your reflection in a mirror. No pictures where the sun or a lightbulb resulted in glare. No low-light shots where things are difficult to see.

If you let in even one bad apple, it can spoil the whole bunch and turn potential buyers off. DMD won’t let this happen.

High-quality photos require high-quality gear.

Your smartphone can do wonders – but not when you need the best-looking photos possible.

In order to showcase a home in the best lighting, properly show the space available, and get a good view of the land, you’ll need a lot of gear. Drones. The best cameras on the market. Stands and stabilizers. You name it.

Renting (or buying) that gear is probably not something that you have in your budget even if you do know how to use it.

At DMD, it’s part of the overall package.

Professional real estate photogtaphers know the “rules”.

Why spend the time taking your own curb shot when Google Street View already has one? Wouldn’t it make your pictures more interesting and festive to include a Christmas lights or other holiday decorations?

If you’re not a professional real estate photographer, these might seem like good ideas. But they’re really not.


Well, take Google Street View images, for example. Yes, you get a curb shot. But is it a good one? Most have poor lighting. They usually aren’t framed well. And they often capture vehicles or other obstacles to truly seeing the home’s curb appeal. Not exactly how you want to appeal to potential buyers.

As for including holiday decor, think about the season. Christmas lights might play well heading into the season (maybe). But how do you think it will look if potential buyers are perusing your listing in January? Plus, it doesn’t give buyers the chance to see what the house looks like without those decorations. Generally speaking, it’s best to stay away from images that include items that will only be up for a short time like decorations.

With DIY real estate photography, you’re selling yourself short.

Still not convinced? Worried about the cost of real estate photographers?

How about this little tidbit… homes with high-quality images get 47% more per square foot than homes without them. You’re literally costing yourself money by going the DIY route.

Don’t do it!

The team at DMD Real Estate Photography is ready and willing to help — you just have to call. We offer services in Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, and Fairbanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

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DMD Real Estate Photography has photographed thousands of homes in the Alaska area for marketing purposes.

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